Ralphs Garden CBD Demo with Alex!

We welcome Alex Brandon back!
Alex, owner of Ralph’s Organic Garden in Massachusetts – makers of “CBD that makes you feel good,” will be here for a free demonstration on Thursday, March 19.
Much has been written about the healing powers of CBD oils, and here’s your chance to learn first hand, and ask questions.
CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a natural compound derived from the hemp plant. CBD is one of over one hundred cannabinoids that are active ingredients found in the cannabis plant family. For a multitude of reasons, CBD is believed to support wellness for those held back by a wide range of ailments, such as arthritis and muscle pain, with no side effects. Ralph’s Garden CBD products are derived from hemp, not marijuana.
Free samples while supplies last.

Why Detoxification is Important

Dr. John Montague, a health educator with Designs for Health, will be here to offer a free and informative workshop on the importance of detoxing our bodies.

Did you know?

  • More than 80,000 chemicals are in existence in the USA?
  • Indoor pollution is twice as bad as outdoor pollution?
  • 700 synthetic compounds have been found in our water supply
  • Babies are born with an average of 200 toxins in their system
  • The CDC tested 212 chemicals and found them in most Americans

Are you experiencing fatigue, constipation, gas, bloating, bad breath, inability to lose weight, mood swings, or recurring headaches? These are just some of the symptoms of toxic overload.

Our body has 3 options to remove toxins.

  1. Remove them
  2. Hide them in body fat
  3. Deposit in other tissues

A good detoxification program helps your body to remove the toxins and feel healthy again. Learn more about your options. 

In Good Health,


Ladies Self Defense Party!

Who: Class will be taught by certified 3 dan black belt instructor Kristen Yousef

What you will learn: The 10 most common attacks on women and how to break out of them.

What to wear: Something comfortable to move in, socks and sneakers.

Come with your friends for a kicka$$ time. Please use the Eventbrite link to reserve your place (or stop in to our front desk). Space is limited!

Space is limited! Grab your ticket today!  



Beyond Cancer Class

Beyond Cancer Awareness

We are all certainly aware of cancer (how many pink ribbon magnets do you have?) And most have us have been touched by cancer in our families and friend groups, and we celebrate with the survivors, and grieve with those who have lost the battle.

Cancer is projected to be the leading cause of death in the U.S. by next year (2020), surpassing heart disease. Yet, like heart disease, there are ways to reduce the risk.

These cancers, like skin, colorectal, breast, prostate, and lung could all be influenced by simple lifestyle and dietary choices.

Dr. Allie will take the cancer conversation beyond the ribbons and walks and will speak to the things we don’t hear enough of, including prevention, and at this workshop you will:

  • Learn the three main culprits of most cancers
  • Identify the symptoms of high-risk cancers.
  • Gain knowledge of immunity-boosting nutrients.
  • Develop ways to avoid cancer-causing substances.

Breast Thermography~A Complete Picture of Your Breast Health

If you could see changes in your breast earlier why wouldn’t you… please register today for this presentation given by April Beaman, CTT, RDH a Certified Thermographic technician from CT Thermography. The event is hosted by Dr. Allison Mendelson, DC of Essential Health.

Breast Thermography can help detect functional changes within the breast years before other screenings methods.  Learn why this non-invasive, radiation free screening procedure should be added to assess your breast health.

Please use this EventBrite link to reserve your spot for this free presentation. At the presentation, you’ll be able to schedule your own screening at Essential Health for either July 19 or Aug. 24.

Eyes on Wellness

How exactly is visual health affected by diet and lifestyle?

Have you ever wondered, what exactly is an antioxidant? What is it about vegetables and fruits that makes them SO HEALTHY for me? Why does Dr. Allie constantly harp on me to eat less sugar? What biological effects does sugar have on my body? What can I do to mitigate these effects? How exactly is VISUAL HEALTH affected by diet and lifestyle? Is my body absorbing the nutrients from the foods that I eat?

Well… wonder no more! Dr. Stephanie Brown is an optometrist who dedicates her practice to empowering patients to make lifestyle changes to safeguard visual health. She has new technology that she is bringing that can measure the level of antioxidants in your bloodstream without a needle. It is the ultimate nutrition lie detector test! Come on Saturday July 20th at noon to learn more about antioxidants, why you should care about them, and how to get more in your body. Optional, for a fee: Have your levels measured to see if supplements are necessary for you!

Experience Reiki and Essentials Oils Working Together In Harmony

Learn how Reiki and Essential Oils work together to help with your emotional balance and overall health.
Cost is $40 and includes a diffuser bracelet and oil samples to take home!

Benefits of Reiki and Essential Oils working together include:
Stress reduction and relaxation, Eases pain and anxiety, Dissolves energy blockages, Increases energy, Enhances mental clarity, Supports the immune system, Facilitates personal and spiritual growth, Balances the body, Mind and spirit and assists the body in clearing toxins.

Please RSVP to [email protected] or call at 860-682-2485

Pick Your Own Recipe, Essential Oil Class

Learn all about how essential oils can support your body safely and naturally! Learn how to use them, why they work and which ones to use!

Essential oils can support your body safely and naturally. Learn how to use and apply them, and get hands-on by making your own roller bottles! You will choose the area of interest and Marilyn will supply the recipe! Make as many as you like as long as supplies last.

Topics of interest include emotions, kids, immunity, weight-loss, women’s health, pets, sensory solutions, pregnancy, athletes, joint pain, respiratory support, digestive support, toxin-free cleaning and travel must-haves!

Essential Oils 101 – Back to Nature

Does it seem like “everyone” is into essential oils now? Well, true or not, Joy and Heidi would love to talk to you about what they feel are the BEST oils on the planet for mind, body and home health.

Two opportunities – pick one! (Saturday, May 25 at 10 a.m., or Tuesday, May 28 at 6:30 p.m.)

DōTERRA oils are sustainably grown and harvested with responsible farmer relationships built on trust and care of the earth. (How’s that for a mouthful?) Come learn some things to improve your healthy lifestyle, destress, sleep better, digest better, and more!