I Drink Only Structured Water, Here’s Why


by Dr. Allie

Is Your Water Pure and Structured Properly?

The water in our cities and towns has added chlorine and fluoride, is often stripped of important minerals, and travels via miles and miles of pipes, rendering it virtually “dead” by the time it reaches your kitchen sink.

Many people will use a countertop filtering system which may be good for removing chlorine and other contaminants, but it may also remove the important minerals and the hydration value of the water is depleted. Same description applies to the water that is bottled in plastic.

Luckily, we have two solutions for you.

1. Reverse Osmosis/Remineralized Water.

We have water on tap in our store that comes into our facility as town water, but has been filtered with a reverse osmosis (RO) process, and is remineralized to give you really good drinking water. You bring your own container (at least one gallon size), and fill it up for $1/gallon!

2. Structured Water.

Structured water exists naturally in mountain springs, glacier melt, and other untouched sources. Since most of use live far from those serene areas, myself and many of my patients are now using the FLASKA bottle system to actually restructure their water!

As stated on the FLASKA literature, “Flaska glass products are programmed using the TPS procedure, therefore the structure of the water in them changes and becomes similar to the structure of spring water” when you pour it into your glass or into your mouth!

Taste improves in a Flaska! Bottles and carafe’s available, but we carry the bottles and can order the carafe. Here are the options, subject to availability so it’s best if you contact us. 

If you want to check on availability in our store, give us a call, or stop in.