Farm Partners

Essential Health features a growing roster of farm partners in our West Hartford Store. We prefer to offer local wherever possible, and we also direct truck our own inventory from mid west.

Local Partners:

Howling Flats Farm, North Canaan CT

Baldwin Brook Farms, Canterbury CT

Sub Edge Farm, Farmington CT

Midwest Partners:

Rain Crow Ranch, Missouri

US Wellness, Missouri

East Coast:

Working H Farms, Maryland


All beef is 100% grass fed, free range pastured, non-growth hormone, no antibiotics (unless to treat an actually sick animal), and organic practices are followed. We are less concerned with the organic certification than knowing the farmer and how the animals are raised*

All chicken is free-ranged, with access to forage the pastureland when not winter, and supplemented with organic/GMO-free feed.

All pork is heritage breed animals, free ranged, supplemented with organic/GMO-free feed.

All prepared items (sausage, bacon), is free of added nitrates, aside from naturally present in celery, preservatives, MSG, and no-to-minimally added natural sugar; eg bacon and sweet breakfast sausage has 1g sugars per pound.

* Attaining USDA Organic certification is an expensive multi-year process, adding much cost and burden to small producers, without necessarily fully informing the consumer about the product’s inputs or if neighboring fields are contaminating. It’s our view that knowing the local farmer and understanding first-hand how he or she operates is most informative and cost-effective.