Our Team

Dr. Allie Mendelson, Chiropractor, Owner

Dr. Mendelson (or Dr. Allie to her patients) is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College. She is a frequent speaker at corporate and community organizations on the subjects of nutrition, healthy living and stress management. Many of her talks are available on our YouTube channel.

Dr. Allie became a member of Max Living more than 16 years ago, joining a mission to fundamentally change the way people view and manage their health through living the 5 essentials. Dr. Allie hosts a radio show broadcast which airs on several stations in the Hartford area and elsewhere in CT.  You can visit her radio show page here to play podcasts from the show archive.

Dave Mendelson, Owner

Dave joined forces with his wife, leaving a 25 year corporate marketing career to manage and expand Dr. Allie’s practice, incorporate a co-located health food store and work with our ranch partners. He is an avid cook and educator on nutrition, helping people develop healthy shopping habits no matter the budget.



Kat Alva, Retail Manager

Kat is in charge of the buying for our food store, pastured meats, and supplements. She has spent over 10 years researching common and not so common ailments along with natural remedies. She continues to implement a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family. Her passion is helping others live their best life incorporating the body, mind and soul.


Joy Taylor, Marketing Manager

Joy manages the marketing, event planning, social media, graphics, workshop schedule and promotions as well as maintaining the branding for Essential Health. Her interest in healthy living and essential oils is what first drew her to Essential Health and she hasn’t been able to stay away! 


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