Formerly TFC Health Foods and Talcott Family Chiropractic

About Us

EDUCATION is fundamental to our vision.
Guiding our customers to make informed choices regarding their health concerns.
Developing a personal relationship with customers and help guide you to achieve your health goals and renewed health!

1. Rigorous Product Pre-Selection

Shopping at a typical supermarket is almost useless for anyone focused on healthful eating. Even the well-known health food stores stock far too many items that should be avoided.

Adding to the confusion, just because a product’s packaging contains phrases like “natural”, “gluten free” or “organic” doesn’t mean it should be part of a healthy diet as they often contain large amounts of sugar, refined grains, additives, poor quality proteins and fats, and worse.

At Essential Health we have done the work for you to cut through the marketing fog. We have carefully examined each product we sell to ensure it meets our strict guidelines, providing you with the pre-selected staples and snacks upon which you can build a healthful diet.

Our standards include:

  • With rare exception, no added sugar. (Exceptions include residual sugars in Kombucha, etc)
  • No crop oils like canola, soybean, corn, etc.
  • With rare exception, no added grains that are not sprouted.

2. Education

Through our free workshops and personal counseling you will become highly knowledgeable on cutting-edge nutrition research and will take control of your health like never before.

3. Value

We put much effort into sourcing the best values we can find to provide maximum “nutrition bang per buck”. We also buy many items in bulk and repackage to pass along lower prices.

Furthermore, we have our very popular pre-order bulk discount program , which functions much like a co-op.

We also accept EBP cards / SNAP program.

4. Convenience

Right on Park Road in West Hartford, in between downtown West Hartford and Hartford and close to the 84 on and off ramps.

5. Blood/Urine Testing to Determine Specific Deficiencies

Through our national partner Genova Laboratories we offer comprehensive blood and urine testing to determine your strengths and deficiencies for a wide range of metabolic and hormonal functions. These are kits you administer in the convenience of your home and send to Genova in prepaid provided mailers and Dr Allie will personally review the results with you.