IV Therapy

Essential Health is proud to partner with LIVationCT who will be offering IV therapy services at our Hartford office on Thursday, February 29, 2024.

LIVationCT’s team of skilled and experienced registered nurses and physician’s assistants have helped their clients with the wellness habits they need in order to achieve their health goals and support healthy immune function, which aligns perfectly with the goals of Dr. Allie.

Each IV Therapy session at Essential Health begins with a wellness consultation and health history to be sure the treatment matches the needs.

A booking fee of $40 is due at the time of scheduling and is 60% less than the normal house call fee. The IV rates will vary by treatment and dose and is payable to LIVation at the time of the appointment. The booking fee of $40 is non-refundable with cancellation less than 24 hours notice before scheduled appointment.  

The treatments are completely customized for each patient and include support for:

  • immunity
  • recovery
  • skin health
  • symptom management

Treatments include:

  • Vitamin C IV therapy
  • NAD+ IV Therapy
  • TRIM IV Therapy (Vitamin C, B Complex, B-12, Biotin and Amino Acids)
  • Myers Cocktail IV Therapy
  • Venus IV Therapy (vitamin C, vitamin complex, and biotin)
  • Atlas IV Therapy (vitamin C, amino acids, essential minerals, and vitamin blend)
  • Glutathione boosters
  • Vitamin B boosters
  • And more…

When you take an oral supplement your body only absorbs 25-35% (on average) of that specific nutrient if you’re lucky. By receiving vitamins and minerals through an IV, it increases the bioavailability to 100% and allows your body to use, store, and metabolize what it truly needs in a short time frame.

LIVationCT sees West Hartford IV Therapy clients by appointment on select Thursdays. Book your appointment now by stopping in or calling Essential Health, 860-269-3228, x1.