Patient Success Stories

My daughter is 6 years old and was diagnosed with an astrocytoma brain tumor in 2012 at 4 months old. Since then she has tried many different chemo options as well as targeted therapies. Throughout the many different therapies she has experienced shrinkage and growth of her tumor. In March 2018 she discontinued use of the targeted therapy because her tumor was growing again. She was unable to attend school full time due to the pharmaceuticals she was taking which caused her to be tired and have low energy level. We were told by our oncologist that we exhausted all of our options and would have to have her spend 2 months in Boston for radiation and have surgery for partial tumor removal. As we were waiting to be scheduled to leave we heard Dr. Allie on the radio talking about cancer and decided to make an appointment with her. That decision was the best decision we ever made for our daughter! She told us about the benefits of Vitamin C infusions, frankincense oil, and diet change. We did not get the surgery or do radiation! We decided to follow Dr Allies advice and reclaim our daughters life! For the last 6 months our daughter has been getting Vitamin C infusions once a week, drinking frankincense water daily, drinking green juice daily, and eating little to no carbs as well as regular Chiropractic adjustments. We have seen a huge Improvement in her health! She has all of her energy back and is In school full time! She is off all pharmaceutical drugs and her tumor is shrinking and cells in the middle of the tumor are dead!! It is truly amazing to see everything turn around for our daughter and to watch her get her life back to being a kid again! We plan to continue on this path and have faith that our daughter will be free of this disease very soon!!
Thank you Dr Allie for all of your help!

I am 25 years old and I have been getting migraines for years. My migraines typically lasted about two weeks straight. I was not able to focus, eat, or sleep. Light and noise bothered me. I was on Imitrex (prescription medication) which helped in the short term. However, every so often my doctor needed to increase my dosage. So, in the long term, it was not helping me get better, it only helped mask my symptoms. I’m very grateful to my colleague who told me about Dr. Allie. I gave it a try and ever since I have not had a migraine! Suddenly not only did I start feeling better, by not getting migraines any longer, but other problems went away as well. I no longer take any medications and my lifestyle has changed. I’ve been attending Dr. Allie’s classes which are very informative and eye opening. I am very thankful to Dr. Allie for all she has done for me. I highly recommend her to anyone regardless of their age. I will continue to come here and encourage it to anyone. It will change your life!


My name is Sandy and I started coming to see Dr. Allie about two months ago. I’ve suffered from Ménière’s disease since my mid-20s and I’m now 43. Ménière’s disease caused ringing in my ears and dizziness. I would get awful migraines and had almost 100% loss of hearing in my left ear. My vertigo attacks kept me in bed for days. I have not had a migraine or vertigo attack since I started to see Dr. Allie and I’m also noticing that I’m getting my hearing back in my left ear – this is amazing because it’s been almost 20 years since I’ve been able to hear out of that ear! The depression and the anxiety that I deal with because of my illnesses is going away. I feel better! I feel like I’m enjoying life again and I feel like I’m enjoying my kids again. I’m starting to eat better and I know I look better. I can work better and be a better mom. I’m starting to get a taste of what life should be like for everybody!



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