Pasture-Raised Meats

We specialize in small-farm producers who operate organically and raise animals humanely on pesticide-free pastureland. All products are flash-frozen at time of processing.

Three Ways to Shop (we are also planning to restart online ordering soon)

  1. In store.  We rarely have more than a couple of people inside at once
  2. Call-in to 860-269-3228 x2
  3. Email your order to [email protected], and include your phone number. We will call you back with a total for payment.

Curbside pickup available, or home delivery with small fee *.


Product Price Out of stock? Price Out of stock?
Beef, 100% grass-fed/finished Chicken, Pasture-raised  
Ground beef $7.49/lb Whole Bird, Approx 4lb $5.75/lb
Stew beef $9.95/lb Leg Quarters, 2 pack $6.79/lb
Steak, Rib Eye, boneless $19.95/lb Thighs, Bone-in, 2 pack $7.49/lb
Steak, Rib Eye, bone-in $19.95/lb Breasts, boneless, 2-pack $8.95/lb
Steak, NY Strip $19.95/lb Breasts, tenderloins $9.95/lb
Steak, Filet $19.95/lb Wings, whole $5.79/lb
Steak, Sirloin $11.95/lb Drumsticks, 3-4 pack $5.79/lb
Steak, Cube $7.99/lb Yes Ground, 12oz packs $6.49
Steak, Hanger $9.95/lb Yes Backs/Carcass, approx 3lb $3.50/lb
Steak, Skirt $14.00/lb Yes Liver, approx 1lb $7.95/lb
Steak, Flank, approx 2lb $16.50/lb Feet, approx 1.25lb $5.99/lb
Steak, Bavette (flap) $14.00/lb Yes Chicken Chorizo, 1lb $10.99/lb
Liver $4,99/lb Yes Martin’s Feta Spinach Sausage $9.99/lb
Brisket, Apprx 3lb $10.29/lb Martin’s Apple Sausage $9.99/lb
Shank $5.00/lb Yes Duck Fat, Hudson valley, 1 quart $23.99
Short Ribs, Approx 2lb $8.00/lb
Marrow Bones $4.99/lb Turkey, Pasture-raised
Tallow, 2lb pail $13.49 Ground, 12oz packs $6.29
Tongue $8.00/lb Yes Legs, each $4.99/lb
Oxtail Yes Martin’s Turkey Provolone Sausage $9.99/lb
Elk, Ground $10.79/lb Pork, Pasture-raised
Venison, Ground $10.79/lb Chops, Bone-in, 2 pack $6.95/lb
  Ground $6.99/lb
Lamb, Pasture-Raised Bacon, hardwood smoked, 8oz $6.99
Ground $9.99/lb Boston Butt, approx 3lb $6.79/lb
Chops, loin 4pack $17.99/lb Spare Ribs, 1 rack $6.29/lb
Pork Belly, approx 1.5lb $7.99/lb
Bison, Pasture-Raised Feet, 2 feet  $4.99/lb
Ground $11.99/lb Lard, 2lb pail $14.95
Chorizo $17.29/lb
Stew, 8oz pack $7.29 Pork Sausage…
Bratwurst Links, 1lb pack $9.95
A few items from widely-distributed brands… Knockwurst, Local smoked $14.50/lb
Beef Summer Sausage grass-fed, 1000 Hills or Organic Valley, 10oz $7.95 Keilbasa, Local smoked, 1.3lb link $14.50/lb
Hot Dogs, Organic Valley 100% grass-fed, 10oz $6.69 Sweet Links, 1lb pack $10.49/lb
Pepperoni, Sliced, Organic Valley, 5oz $6.49 Sweet bulk US Wellness, 1lb pack $9.95
Cherry Cayenne $10.49/lb Yes
Andouille $10.49/lb
Chorizo $10.49/lb
Sweet Italian (CT) $10.49/lb
Sweet Italian (Working H Farm) $6.99/lb

Please review the FAQ page for more information.

* Delivery fee is $5 anywhere in West Hartford or within 5 miles.  $10 for up to 10 miles.  Quote mileage fee beyond. Entire fee goes to driver.