BIG Reasons to eat MicroGreens!

Microgreens provide BIG nutrition! Come learn the how, what, why of this growing practice!

Join us March 5 at 12:30!

Dr. Allie welcomes Matt Collins, co-owner of Hartford Plant Company (HPC), a family-run business based in Hartford.* Come hear the HPC’s interesting start-up story as well as watch a sowing demonstration, learn the benefits of these tiny and delicious greens, and samples will be available while supplies last.

What’s the difference between sprouts and microgreens? Come to this workshop to find out!

Dr. Allie will talk about the benefits to eating sprouts and microgreens and she will teach people how to grow sprouts.

*The Hartford Plant Company took shape serendipitously. Valentina, who is the principal microgreen grower, needed to leave Belarus in late 2020, affected by the tragic political circumstances in her country. Shortly after joining her daughter and son-in-law, Anastasiya and Matt, in West Harford, she began experimenting with microgreens… come to the workshop to hear the whole story!