IV Therapy Day at Essential Health 1/22/22

At Long Last, I Found IV Therapy Practitioners to Introduce to You!

by Dr. Allie Mendelson, DC

Come meet the nurses and practitioners who run the CT-based “LIVation” IV Therapy on Saturday, January 22! I’ve been searching for a professional group to teach my patients about this beneficial form of therapy and I’ve revamped what was originally my “Wolverine/Heal Yourself” workshop to spotlight LIVation.

I am always exploring and researching the best ways to support your immune system through healthy habits like getting adjusted regularly, eating well, supplementing properly, resting, exercise, and hydrating. I have helped hundreds of patients with the best ways to support their bodies through all kinds of health challenges.

Due to the increase in numbers of residents seeking more information for the best alternative, natural care for prevention and recovery from illness, this workshop has been revamped to put the spotlight on LIVation, IV Therapy.

Joe Baczewski, RN and owner of LIVation will be here to spotlight his company’s IV Hydration, Infusion Therapy, Boosters, Mobile IV Therapy & more. LIVation’s CT registered nurses have helped their clients obtain the wellness they need to help achieve their health goals. They strive to be excellent and at the top of what they do!

Now’s the time to come learn and watch a live demonstration (on me!).
Please register. Space is limited.