Heal Yourself life Wolverine!?

UPDATE: Focus of this workshop will be on LIVation IV Therapy. Please go to this page.

Would you like to have healing powers like Wolverine?

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Dr. Allie has been exploring all the good parts of Wolverine’s powers, and you don’t have to be a Marvel comic fan to join us for this workshop!

Wolverine’s main mutant power is rapid healing or “mutant healing factor”. This rapid healing allows for regeneration of damaged (or even destroyed) bodily tissues that exceed anything a “non-mutant” is capable of. In the movies and comic books Wolverine almost comes out as indestructible, like Superman.

While we are mere mortals, and not comic book heroes, as humans we do have the power to heal when we do the right things for our bodies. Avoiding toxins is difficult in our world, but our bodies are powerful healing machines! 

SPECIAL GUEST! Joe Baczewski, RN and owner of LIVation will be here to spotlight his company’s IV Hydration, Infusion Therapy, Boosters, Mobile IV Therapy & more. LIVation’s CT registered nurses have helped their clients obtain the wellness they need to help achieve their health goals. They strive to be excellent and at the top of what they do! 

Want Wolverine’s secrets? Come to this informative talk on January 22, 2022.