How Chiropractic Care Works

Chiropractic is the most amazing thing for your health and your immune system!

Dr. Allie has been in practice for 28 years and loves to share her knowledge of how the body works, and why chiropractic care, along with healthy habits, will enable the body do what it is made to do: stay healthy.

Most people will see a dentist for oral health care as early as 3 years old (or even younger), and learn the good practices to keep a healthy mouth. On the other hand, most of us ignore our spinal health until around at 47!

Dr. Allie treats children, teens and adults, and in the video below,  Dr. Allie explains the different techniques used for kids verses adults.

Dr. Allie leads a class for new patients called “Doctor’s Report” and it takes place on Monday evenings. She gives an overview of x-rays, utilizing some samples from past patients (with permission), and will review patient x-rays in privacy. She recently recorded the presentation, via Facebook Live, and we are providing it here . (This is an edited version, with bigger Xrays, of what originally aired on Facebook, 5/26/20)

The video includes some fascinating “before and after” examples of x-rays of the spinal cord.

Dr. Allie explains that the “brain sends signals to your body, through your spinal cord, out to the nerves, to help your body help itself.”

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