Meat Program FAQs

What is the store’s mission?
Co-located with the practices of Dr. Allie Mendelson and Dr. Matt Roberts, Essential Health’s Natural Foods store only sells products consistent with our nutritional counseling programs.  It is available to our patients as well as to the general public.
The centerpiece of our store is the grass-fed meat program.  We have secured supply relationships with some of the leading grass-fed ranches across the country and receive direct shipments via truck.  This keeps prices as low as possible.
We wish our store to be a valued resource to our patients and customers by sourcing highest quality food products at lowest available prices.  In order to accomplish this, we offer purchasing through a co-op style pre-order program.
Is there a minimum order quantity or membership fee?
There is no minimum quantity nor is there any membership fee.
What products do you sell?
The centerpiece of the program 100% grass fed and pastured meats, a product difficult for many to find at a reasonable price.  Essential Health has worked to secure direct relationships with leading ranches and passes along the savings.
Where does this wonderful meat come from?
We work with many farms in CT and from the Midwest who meet our specifications. These farms own and oversee every aspect of raising the animals and use a local humanely managed processing facility. All the beef is 100% grass-fed/grass-finished, “beyond organic”, not only following organic practices. Pork is heritage-breed animals that are naturally pastured.  Chickens are organically-raised and kept on pasture for natural foraging and healthy/happy birds.
You can see our growing list of Farm Partners.
How is the meat packaged?
All products are frozen at the point of production to maximize freshness and arrive at Essential Health in portioned vacuum-sealed bags.  That “fresh, never frozen” ground beef at your supermarket may be easily a week old by the time you buy it.  “Frozen at the farm” is the freshest and most delicious way to distribute meat.
Tip: you can quickly defrost any of the vacuum sealed items by immersing in a pot of room temp water.
What is in the prepared meat items?
All the beef prepared items – hot dogs, summer sausage, snack sticks, etc — are made with the 100% grass-fed beef, contain no added sugar, MSG, nitrates, preservatives or any additives.  Just the meat and spices
All the prepared pork items – bacon, sausages — are as additive-free as the beef.  Some pork items have limited amount of sugar as part of the curing or brining process, but a negligible amount remains in the finished product which will be indicated on the product details in the store.  For these products there will be zero to one grams of residual sugars in the final product


What is the best way to cook grass fed beef?
Because of its lower fat content than the industrialized corn-fed feedlot cattle, grass fed beef will benefit by following certain cooking techniques.  Here is a good list of tips (PDF).  The steaks are delicious as-is, but we recommend using a Jaccard Tenderizer (here on Amazon) to take it to the next level.
How do deposits and payments work?
Most items are sold by weight and the final price would be determined once your order is prepared, and weighed at Essential Health.
Do you accept food stamps and EBT cards?
Yes we do, in the store.  By law you must present card in person and enter your PIN.  If you wish to place an order with your EBT card please visit during our store hours.
 Is the deposit refundable?  What if I can’t pick up my package?
Once your order is placed we arrange for the inventory to be on hand and therefore deposits are not refundable. Orders not picked up during the pick-up period where no special arrangements have been made are deemed forfeited, but we will first make multiple attempts to reach you.


What if I have questions?
Please submit all questions about the products, ordering, payments, or using the web site to Dave Mendelson at dave@EssentialHealthCT or call him at 860-269-3228, 1006.