Why Every Commercial Salad Dressing is a Health Hazard

Avoid Soybean and Canola oils

Good post here from RealFood Forager, reminding us to avoid Omega 6 laden polyunsaturaed industrial vegetable oils, ie oils from soybean, canola, corn, etc.  These can also be found in most processed foods you’ll find on the supermarket aisles.

Healthy oil salad dressings are simple and cheap to make – be sure you know the olive oil is pure – or there are several excellent commercially sold ones, including Bragg’s dressings which are available at our store.

Also this article has a good reminder about ensuring your meats have a proper Omega 3/6 balance, which you will find in 100% grass-fed and not in the grain-fed, never mind the hormones and anti-biotics.