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Chiropractic Care
with Dr. Allie

Chiropractic care with a unique focus on healthy living and nutrition! Dr. Allie Mendelson has been practicing chiropractic for more than 25 years and is a partner in Max Living, an international group of doctors, and has hosted a Hartford-area radio show for more than 10 years.

Natural Food Market A great place to shop!

We provide a selection of high quality, all-natural foods, snacks, drinks, and supplements at Amazon-level prices, all carefully chosen by Dr. Allie. Great for people on low-carb, low-sugar, or low-inflammatory diets. We accept SNAP benefits.

Pasture-Raised Meats Many are locally sourced!

Operating for four years, our signature service focuses on sourcing grass-fed, pastured, organically-raised, humanely- processed meats. We are driven to offer the widest selection at the lowest available prices, with a growing network of both Connecticut and Midwest farms. You’re welcome to place an order.


We offer certified pure therapeutic grade Essential Oils to support a wide range of body and emotional health concerns, reducing toxins in the home, plus a wide selection of accessories and workshops/education.


Join us for our Yoga classes with our certified teachers. Benefits include increased flexibility, muscle strength and tone, cardiovascular health, and more.


Schedule a session with one of our amazing Licensed Massage Therapists, or in our state-of-the-art Far Infrared Sauna for relaxation and detoxification.