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Thank goodness for Dr. Allie!  The world needs more people like her because we would all feel better!

I was introduced to Dr. Allie by listening to her 100.1 FM radio show on my drive home from work.  I was intrigued by her topics she covered; headaches, sleep problems, fatigues, nutrition, anxiety, and depression.  I was intrigued by her commitment to achieve health without prescription drugs and surgery.

As someone who had constant neck and hip pain, I wanted to feel better so badly.  Since I have never been to a chiropractor, I wanted to take up Dr. Allie on a consultation.  She gave me an x-ray and pointed that I had neck problems.  I always assumed that my shoulders gave me pain, but it was really my neck that was giving my body so much grief.

Thankfully, Essential Health took my insurance so I could go get treatments.  Also, it was very easy to schedule appointments with Andrea, who is the Director of Patient Services.

Within a week, Dr. Allie’s adjustments were making me feel younger and more comfortable and thus, I started to sleep better.  She also gave me exercises for my neck.

I referred my best friend to her for adjustments.  She has had irregular menstrual issues.  Since seeing Dr. Allie, she got her first period in almost a year!  She’s ecstatic!

I love going to Essential Health; it is like a happy place for me.  Dr. Allie and her staff are always so warm and professional.  Her new office is spacious and well-lit.  I also love grabbing a healthy treat from the store