Food isn’t the same today as it was a decade ago!

The World Health Organization estimates more than 2 billion people worldwide experience essential vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 

The quality of our food has decreased tremendously. The fruits and vegetables that we eat today are not as rich in vitamins and minerals as they were decades ago. Quality supplements can help to restore and maintain the essential nutrients that the body needs for overall health and optimal bodily functioning. Supplementation is a great way to fill in the gap of nutrient depletions where today’s food lacks.
Four reasons why we are nutrient depleted:
1-We have evolved away from eating wild foods that contain dramatically higher levels of all vitamins, minerals, and essential fats.
2-Because of depleted soils and industrial farming and hybridization techniques, the animals and vegetables we eat have fewer nutrients.
3-Processed, factory-made foods have no nutrients.
4-The total burden of environmental toxins, lack of sunlight, and chronic stress lead to higher nutrient needs.

There are a variety of things that can happen during the process of preparing our food that can affect its nutritional content. The absence of certain nutrients in your diet can be supplemented by vitamin D, vitamin C, optimal omega. Supplements paired with positive lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, a healthy diet, and sufficient sleep are the makings of an effective plan to reach optimal health.

Source: Maximized Living, Dr. Allie Mendelson.