Cupping Therapy Procedure and Therapeutic Goals:

Dr. Matt Roberts is a Board Certified and Licensed Chiropractor and Chiropractic Acupuncturist. Dr. Matt will take time to discuss your problem area, evaluate and seek to supply beneficial care to your area of need using manual therapy and therapeutic cupping.

Therapeutic flame cupping has been utilized for thousands of years to help draw toxins and lactic acid build up from deep muscle tissue to the skin.  The skin, which has a greater blood supply than spasmed muscle tissue, is able clear these toxins at a faster rate, enhancing muscle function and recovery time.

Bruising is very common with cupping and will happen in different amounts across the treatment site.  Bruising from this type of cupping typically clears within 5-14 days. On rare occasions, minor burning can occur.

This therapy is well-tolerated before or after activity.  Therapy should not be repeated over area of complaint until bruising has fully cleared.

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