Food Coop

To help more folks, we’re offering a food co-op. Essential Health has wholesale accounts and direct truck delivery from major natural food suppliers such as UNFI, KeHe, Alberts Organics, and more.

Pet food also available!


  • Buy in bulk
  • Save money
  • No crowds
  • No trips to store to discover your items are sold out
  • No touch transactions
  • Curbside or home delivery (for small fee) available

How it Works:

  • Place order by Thursday 12:00pm. We order on Friday.  UNFI here Monday, though there’s been delays.
  • If you want raw milk, which is delivered on Tuesday, indicate how many half gallons ($6.99 ea)
  • All prices are just 20% markup on wholesale (normal retail markup is 30-50+%)
  • Can select anything frozen or shelf stable.
    • Or anything sold refrigerated that can be frozen, ie. hot dogs
  • No produce available (yet)
  • All items sold as cases.  Units per case differs by product type
    • Example: cereal typically 6 per case, canned goods 12 to a case, etc.
  • We’ve never done this before, and don’t plant to continue once this blows over, so please be patient with any hiccups with this 🙂

How to Order:

  • Email your order to
  • Put “Coop Food Order” in subject line
  • Give your name and phone number
  • Advise if you’d like in-store or curb pickup, or home delivery – in which case give address.
  • List items as follows:
    • Manufacturer, brand name, package size, UPC number
      • Examples:
        • One case Love Grown Cereal, Chocolate Os 10 oz Cereal, UPC 850563002467
        • One case Bell & Evans Gluten-Free Chicken Tenders Boxes
      • If you don’t know the UPC or package size we can look it up.
      • If you’re not sure of the package size, give what detail you can:
        • Example: One case of XYZ pickles, the “small jars”
      • If you’re not picky about brand, give what detail you can:
        • Example: “One case of an organic marinara sauce with no added sugar”.
    • Not just food available, but health and beauty aids, vitamins, feminine products, etc.
    • Think of what you’d see on the aisles of a typical Whole Foods and we can likely get it.
    • Toilet paper, cleaning products and sanitizers currently have no- to low-availability.
  • We will email you back a confirmation that order received.
  • Soon after we will call you to clarify any items and to receive a deposit of approx 50% of order value.
    • We will ask if you’d like to add any items we normally stock at the store, so you can add less-than-cases, eg chocolate bars, meat snack sticks, chips, etc.
    • We also have delicious frozen soups and entrees supplied by Effie’s Place of West Hartford you can add.
  • Once we receive items at store we will call you with list of what actually came and to settle final payment.
  • Then you pick up, at store or curbside, or elect for home delivery
    • Delivery is $5 within West Hartford, $10 within 10 miles, or mileage fee for points beyond. All delivery fees go to our long-time customer Zach who’s an Uber driver with some extra time.  Tips to Zach are appreciated for hauling cases 🙂