About the Show

The Dr. Allie Show is broadcast on stations across central Connecticut, bringing you and your family the information and resources you need to stay healthy, vital and strong. Each, and every week, your Dr. Allie answers your most pressing questions using the latest health information available.

Dr. Allie is part of Maximized Living, an international organization with a mission to change how people view and manage their health. https://maxliving.com

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About Maximized Living

Maximized Living has embarked on a global initiative to educate and change the way healthcare is viewed and delivered. Our process is founded on 5 core, essential principles of health:

Essential 1: Maximized Mind

A Maximized Mind encompasses areas such as time and stress management, improving your relationships with others, and making sure that you get adequate amounts of sleep. Working on all of these area’s help to improve a negative attitude and help your overall peace and well-being from within yourself. The right, renewed mindset about life and health are necessary in order to commit to following any lifestyle plan.

Essential 2: Maximized Nerve Supply

Nerve supply is the life supply to all cells, organs, and systems in the body and so is responsible for all function and healing. Improper spinal alignment is common and likely to happen due to the amount of physical, emotional, and chemical stress you apply to your body every day so must be addressed as the foundational part of living at your health potential.

Essential 3: Maximized Quality Nutrition

What you put into your body affects how you feel each and every day. Food is the fuel that your body needs to continue to power and heal itself on a daily basis. Diets that are high in carbohydrates, have pH or omega-3 imbalances or are nutrient deficient, have negative effects not only on your body, but can create a lot of symptoms such as depression, brain fog, stress and fatigue.

Essential 4: Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle

Exercise allows your body to take in higher levels of oxygen and creates lean muscle that keeps both your body and mind healthy. Studies have shown that exercise consistently match or exceed the benefits of antidepressants. This is your opportunity to decrease fat and increase lean muscle tissue.

Essential 5: Minimized Toxins

Toxins and chemicals surround us in our everyday lives and are included in items such as medications, refined foods, household cleaners and the items we cook with! Each of these toxins affect our bodies in a negative way and inhibit us from functioning at optimal levels.

There are far too many sick, depressed and dying lives to save. We hope you’ll help us, help you.

Changing the Way Healthcare Is Viewed

The average American views the U.S. healthcare system as being the best in the world. Yet, in reality, in-depth global studies have ranked America “dead last” in overall health and/or at or near the bottom of every important category of health. To make matters worse, we spend a fortune on healthcare. We spend far more then any other (healthier) country in the world.

The prestigious New England Journal of Medicine attempted to change our view when it described U.S. healthcare this way; “The American healthcare system is at once the most expensive and the most inadequate system in the developed world.” (The New England Journal of Medicine, January 7, 1999.)

What we call “health care” is really “disease care.” This thinking is simply wrong. If anyone wants to argue that, all you have to do is look at the deterioration of the public mental and physical health and see that despite the latest “advances” in medicine and the growing popularity of traditional “wellness” – we’re sicker, more depressed, more overweight, and more diseased then any time in recorded history.

The Maximized Living View

The Maximized Living view is Health Care and not medical or wellness-based disease care. If you’re sick, follow the 5 essentials to become a healthy person again. Most importantly, if you’re already healthy – follow the 5 essentials and stay healthy!

Changing the Way Healthcare Is Delivered

With Maximized Living a whole lot of sick people get well. Yet, even better, the well people stay well.

If you look at the 5 Essentials of Maximized Living and study the available research done for each, you’ll find 1000’s of studies showing their positive impact on cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, childhood disease, pain, depression, etc. However, unlike the current health care model – it’s not about “treating” disease, It’s about living. It’s about a lifestyle that does not interfere with the body’s physiology, function, or structure and thus allowing the body to produce health. It’s treating health – not treating disease.

Maximized Living is run by Chiropractors. This is necessary as Essential #2 – Maximized Nerve Supply – is a critical component of life. Only trained Doctors of Chiropractic who understand how to correct the spine and as a result, maximize nerve supply, can deliver on this Essential.

To learn more about our organization and mission, please visit us at www.maximizedliving.com.